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How to easily pack for your next trip!

Hi Wanderer!

Are you ready for Fall?  I think I am.  Summer is just too hot for me.  I'm more of a Spring and Fall kinda gal.

Anyways, if you are anything like me, I love a checklist for Errythang.  If I can do something better and faster, I'm there.  This goes for work and travel. 

Have you ever thought that you've packed everything just to get get there and realized you didn't pack your PJ's and it's like midnight?  (I have.  I had to borrow my friend's and she wasn't happy about it.)

Or when you have to pack for you, your husband and your child(ren) and you are like....did I pack enough diapers, snacks for everyone, water bottles, nail filer and the list goes on.

As much as we like to depend on our head to remember everything but we just simply can't because (duh!) we have a billion other things going on!

So if you are anything like me and you want to make sure that you've packed everything quickly and efficiently so that you 1) don't waste money on buying something that you already have so you can spend that money on I dunno...eating delicious crab legs 2) you can stop having those freak out moments where you thought you left your phone at home!

I thought you would really like a CHECKLIST to help you out! 

Click to download your checklist here.

BONUS:  If you need to make sure that you are all dolled up for your trip, I got you covered!  Just use code Welcome20 for your next purchase.  No minimum required.

Happy Wandering!

Yours Truly,




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