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What jewelry to pack on your next vacation

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It's officially Spring.  The kickstarter season to longer days, outdoor dining, picnic, and travel plans! It also hints at Summer being right around the corner.

While this may not be an issue for seasoned travelers, but one of the conundrums for less seasoned travelers is jewelry.  What to bring with you, what to leave at home, and the best way to pack and transport them.

Leave Valuable Items at Home

A general rule of thumb is to leave all valuable items at home.  Traveling is a time to destress, so don't bring along valuable items that will cause you stress.  That includes too many credit cards, real diamond jewelry, and anything else that you wouldn't want to lose.  

Instead, consider taking with you high-quality simulated jewelry that if lost in the sand or hiking in the mountains, it will not be expensive to replace.  

Our minimal jewelry are both affordable and made of Sterling Silver, a precious metal, that's perfect for traveling.  

Think Practicality and Multi-Functional

When thinking about packing your jewelry, you should think about the practicality of the piece and if it is multi-functional.  Consider the size of the piece.  Is it too bulky?  Too heavy?  Will it go with multiple different outfits?

Consider bringing dainty studs or hoop earrings that will match with various outfits.  A minimal complimentary necklace with your earrings that you can wear with a t-shirt and jeans to a more formal dress. 

Don't choose pieces that are clunky as that would take up too much luggage space.  Opt for small, minimal pieces that are both versatile to style and easy to pack without taking too much space and weight. 

Packing Tips

Once you have considered with jewelry pieces you are bringing with you, you'll want to know how to best pack them.  While there are many jewelry storage solutions you can purchase online such as jewelry case, pounces and rolls designed specifically for travel, we really like the DIY route.

There are many ways to travel with your jewelry without the hassle of tangle chains and missing jewelry pieces.  Some of them are keeping your necklaces in straws, using buttons for your earrings, and even paper rolls.

Summer and Spring are both periods of vacation bliss and time spend with the ones you love the most.  Make sure you are spending time enjoying the moments and less on worrying about your valuable items.  

Bon Voyage!


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