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What's in a name?

In simple terms, your name is a label.

It is a label your friends, family and coworkers identity with as you.

But beyond that, what is in a name?

A label is just a label until you give it meaning and characters. 

You name has a special meaning and it may also identify some of your personality traits.

So when we are deciding what to name (aka label) are pieces, we search for names that are somewhat unique, of European origin, embodies femininity, and illicit positivity. 

Names that you can connect with through its meaning.  The wearer then gives it the characters and stories to bring it to life.  To help you recall a moment in time when you wore it to a function with someone and how you felt on that day. 

So then, a name becomes no longer just a label.  A necklace no longer becomes just a necklace.  But rather the name embodies a memory and a feeling that's associated with it.  Just like how the scent of a special perfume brings you back to a warm mid-summer night walk on the beach, we hope to evoke the same feelings and memories with our jewelry as you wear it through your many life adventures. 

So, what's in a name and what does it mean to you?  

Intrigued with the names of some of our pieces?  Go ahead and look them up on Google. 

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