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About Us

Our Purpose: 

Na&Co is created to help ensure women feel as good as they look at work and life.  We obsess over finding minimal and feminine jewelry pieces that enhances a woman's natural beauty.  We believe in less is more.  We believe that you possesses everything that you need and jewelry is simply the icing on top. 

Our Story:

Na | Founder

(pronounced Nah)

Welcome! My name is Na and I started Na&Co. from my home in Virginia. 

As I was transitioning from college to my first office job, I found that my youthfulness (aka babyface) was preventing people from taking me seriously.  While I can’t do anything about my babyface, I decided that I can do something about my appearance.  I took note of all the successful women around me and noticed that they all have one thing in common – they all wear jewelry that helped them appear more sophisticated and mature. 

So I decided to carve out a little piece of the internet for women who want to take control of how they look and feel through simple and minimal jewelry.  Jewelry that enhances their natural beauty and helps them look and feel more sophisticated and comfortable in who they are.