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About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple – to provide ambitious women with meaningful, quality, minimalist jewelry so they can be empowered to feel and look simply elegant.  We strive to serve our customers by always providing great customer service, shipping products out on-time, and to always help you express your authentic self.

Our Story:

Hi, there!  I’m Na (nah), founder of Na& Co.

As I was transitioning from my 20’s into my   30’s and became a mom (x2), I found that my sense of style was also evolving.  No longer do I have the time to spend on getting ready and looking perfectly polished.  My schedule looked more like a race to get everyone else ready and wear two- day old, stained clothes that kind of smell like regurgitated milk (too much?).  

In the midst of all the chaos and possibilities of a new decade and motherhood, I had slowly forgotten what it was like before the big life events.  One thing that I didn’t forget, is the importance of self-care.  Whether that is waking up earlier than everyone else to get a workout in or to simply don a necklace with a sweatshirt so that you can feel more polished.  Once I feel good, it really sets the tone in my accomplishments, my presentation and interaction with those around me.  My positive energy was contagious and was changing my life in small and big ways!

While all of us are unique in what we do to feel more sophisticated, I wanted to create this little corner of the internet for women who believes in the beauty and power of simplicity while the rest of the world is whirling by.  To always have something close to her heart to remind her that she is simply elegant.     

Stay simple and elegant,